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Plenty of used manure

spreaders. 46 HP 4x4 diesel

tractors w/front loaders,

Model 4634


3 FREE implements or 50%

off backhoe with tractor



46HP used demonstrator

4x4 tractor.About 20 hrs

used. Heavy duty 4-in-1

Hydraulic loaderbucket,

3-pt backhoe attachment  

hydraulicbucket thumb,

2 buckets, 3-pt rototiller,

box scraper blade w/rippers,

digger, forklift forks, FREE

16' tandem axle flatbed

trailer and FREE used dump

truck w/trailer hitch.  

REG: $46,995

SALE: $36,995


FREE equipment with demo-

nstrator tractor purchase only  

SALE: $36,995

MORE used ground drive &

P70, and truck mount. Manure

Spreaders each week. Best


MORE older dump trucks

each week. (see our web site)

Delivery Available


For Those Who Qualify!

Check our dynamite website!

208-324-5858 or


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Hay Harvesting Packages Working In The Field LIke Yours - Example Only PDF Print E-mail

Hay Harvesting Package Working In Field - Example


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Self Propelled Hay Swather Windrower

A Self Propelled Hay Swather Windrower cuts, conditions if equipment has a conditioner, and lays the hay in a windrow in one pass. It is then ready to bale after the proper drying time.

Hobby Horse Ranch recommends turning the windrow over and moving it to dry ground by using a side delivery hay rake just before baling. Also using only a sickle bar cutter/mower to keep the the dirt and trash out of the windrow if fed to horses. The popular rotary disk mower suck all the dirt, trash, and dust into the windrow causing your horse breathing problems. Take control of your hay crop for quality feed.


Hay Baler

No one can bale your hay striving for quality hay like you can. Good tight, dense, moisture free hay bales store better and are more palatable for your livestock.

The baler man at Hobby Horse Ranch LLC is available for out valued customer by cellphone 7 days a week 24 hours a day to help our customers put up quality hay crop. There are windrow and hay bale moisture testers available at most major brands of hay equipment retailers. My rule of thumb is to reach under four windrows crab a hand full of hay and twist it with both hands, if it breaks clean in most cases it is ready to bale. If not let it dry, best baling is with a light dew. Early morning or evening baling makes the best feed baling during heat of the day makers powder, wasting your crop.


Hydraulic Automatic Hay Stacker

A Hydraulic Operated Automatic Hay Stacker -Bale wagon takes most of the labor out of picking up the hay bales in your field and stacking your hay bales in your barn or stack area. New Holland hay stackers come in many different sizes, some with self propelled, some with operator cabs and some without. New Holland has manufactures many models of hay stackers and sizes to pull behind your tractor power take off operated concept.

You line the bale pickup chute up with your row of bales as you are moving each bale goes up the bale chute and lays on the first table when two or three bales are on the first table, it trips and lays then on the second table. When the second table is full it lays the bales upright on the load rack when the load rack is full, you got to your stack area. Construct a bale  backstop or wall to stack against. Back the stacker up to the backstop lean the stack bed back with the load bales even with the top or bottom stack bale. Set it down, push yourself away with the hydraulic push off feet wait for them to retract, let the bed down, and go get another load of hay bales. All of this is explained in the operation troubleshooting manual furnished with each machine sold in your package

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